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Additional Services

Oil tank treatment will pro-long the life of the tank. We offer two different treatments which can be bought by the shot (amount of treatment varies by tank size) or by the bottle. We offer a sludge treatment and treatment for exposed outdoor tanks that experience gel during winter months.

Oil Tank Treatment Pricing:

  1. Shot of STR for 275/330 gallon tank – $10.00*
  2. Gallon of STR – $95.00
  3. Shot of HOT! Gel Treatment – $15.00
  4. 5 Shot Bottles of HOT! Gel Treatment – $70.00
  5. Additional Shots of STR Sludge Treatment – $10.00*

*Shot(s) of STR Sludge Treatment is measured by tank size. Example : A 550/660 Tank will need two shots of Treatment. So total will be $20.00.

Additional Services:

Husky offer’s after hour out of oil delivery services for customer’s that place an order for following day, aswell as a start prime service.

Additional Service Pricing:

  • Prime Unit Only (during normal hours and when delivery is made)- $85.00.
  • Oil Drop After Hours by Service Vehicle – $100.00 Trip Charge + Minimum Amount of 10 Gallons of Oil at a rate of 1.5 x Price Per Gallon Daily Rate.
  • Oil Drop After Hours By Oil Delivery Truck – $250.00 Trip Charge + 1.5 x Price Per Gallon Daily Rate.

Any services needed to be done will be recommended to a service company we work close with unless customer has a service company in mind already. We will ensure, best pricing available for customer and to get taken care of as soon as possible.

Husky Fuel Oil Delivery Terms and Conditions

  1. Husky Fuel, LLC will not make a delivery to a fill that has no whistle or a weak whistle. Customer will be contacted in regards to this issue.
  2. Husky Fuel, LLC will not make a delivery if a customer’s driveway is not clear of ice or snow and the delivery driver does not feel safe in making delivery. Customer will be contacted if delivery could not be made and set up for next business day.
  3. Husky Fuel, LLC has the right to deny any customer without reason. We try to avoid this, but we have the right.