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Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery

For customers who would prefer not worrying about their oil delivery, we offer Automatic Delivery Program.

About Automatic Delivery Program

Automatic Delivery is calculated by K-Factor and degree days. A degree day is simply a unit for measuring how cold (or hot) it has been over a 24 hour period. A K-Factor is simply a number showing how fast a customer uses fuel. Like miles-per-gallon, think of K-factor as gallons per degree day. When both units of measurement are calculated, we get ideal day for delivery. The longer you are with us, the better we become at estimating your heating oil needs. The target for delivery is between ½ and ¼ tank remaining. We work very hard to ensure no automatic delivery customer ever runs out of fuel. If this should happen, we will get you’re unit back and going free of charge.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery Program

Automatic delivery customers will receive the following:

  1. Peace at mind!!
  2. Customers will receive same pricing as a ‘will call’ customer.
  3. Waived credit card fee’s to ensure customer is getting same daily price as will call cash/check only customers.
  4. No binding contract!! At Husky Fuel, we do not believe in charging automatic customers a penalty for cancelling their enrollment. Most companies penalize their customers between $250-675!!!
  5. Any promotion going on will be automatically deducted after delivery so you will never miss out!
  6. Customer will receive (2) free tank treatment shots, on us during the season.
  7. If customer has a in-ground tank, in the beginning of the winter season we will stake tank location to make fill locating easier on our driver.

Husky’s term and conditions for Automatic Delivery Program Enrollment:

  1. Upon enrollment we wish to set up a appointment for tank inspection. Insurance requires Husky to inspect quality of tank to ensure no accidents for both Husky and customers. During the appointment Husky will inspect customer’s tank for proper fill location, tank size, current quality of tank, proper ventilation, and to insure proper delivery instruction for the driver.
  2. Upon enrollment, a credit card is required to be put on customer’s account. Credit card is easiest payment for automatic delivery program.
  3. Upon enrollment, customer will have a delivery the next business day. Tank will be filled and another delivery will be made by K-factor and degree day system. Second delivery may be frequent compared to the ones following. This second delivery will start to learn the customers usage of oil. The longer a customer is enrolled in our program, the more accurate of a delivery service we can provide.
  4. Upon enrollment if we believe customer’s whistle pipe is weak or no whistle at all, we will not deliver to home. The tank’s whistle lets our delivery drivers know when to stop tank fill. Husky will notify the customer to fix this issue.
  5. Upon enrollment, during winter month’s, if Husky feels we cannot make delivery due to ice or snow on customers driveway, the delivery will not be made until driveway is clear. We will contact the customer in regards to this issue and try delivery the following business day.

Does Husky Fuel’s automatically delivery program sound best for your family? Call us today to enroll or feel free to ask any questions regarding this program!